About us

V. Bilyuk's Commercial Firm "EVIJA", founded on January 21, 1993, is the largest wholesale supplier of petroleum products in the Latvian market with access to the European market of neighboring European countries, as well as the leading ship bunkering company in the port of Liepaja. V. Bilyuk LLC Commercial company "EVIYA" owns an oil terminal with a total volume of 11,000 m3, which was built in 2001 in accordance with all European standards, with a tank farm consisting of 7 tanks: 4x1000 m3, 2x2000 m3, 1x3000 m3, unloading - loading rack for 10 railway tanks, two pumping stations equipped with two types of pumps: screw - for light oil products and pumps for viscous oil products (base oils).

Pumping station No. 1 is designed to discharge oil products from railway tanks to the tank farm. Pumping station No. 2 is designed for pumping oil products from the tank farm to the tanker at berth No. 69. The station is equipped with two screw pumps with a total capacity of 500 m3/hour. Two pipelines were laid from the oil terminal of V. Bilyuk's Commercial Firm "Evia" to berth No. 69. One pipeline with a diameter of 300 mm, the other with a diameter of 150 mm.